Christi Wilson

Christi Wilson

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PlymouthNew Hampshire
16 years of experience

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About Me

I am a career mother of 4 boys who keep me busy with their high energy and sports activities. I love plants and enjoy cooking and baking for my family and snuggling on the couch watching movies with my boys. I found the field of ABA by accident in college when a friend invited me to work with a family she was working with of 2 brothers with Autism. After my undergraduate program I moved to New England where I worked on my MS in ABA at The New England Center for Children. Since graduating in 2012 I have worked in a variety of settings including residential treatment for troubled youth, alternative schools, public schools, homes and community settings. I continue to be in love with the science of behavior, but even more so, using it to help other make changes and differences in their lives; breaking down barriers to get where they want to go - in the context with my clients, families, peers and supervisory staff.

How I Practice

I, whole heartedly, believe in a multi-modal approach; working as a team and collaborating with all team members involved. I also utilize a trauma informed approach, looking at the whole person, including past experiences, in the exploration and assessment of behavior and why it occurs. I do my work with relationship, authenticity and passion. Working together to identify common goals and outcomes and then working together at achieving them is very exciting!

My Favorite Experience Working In This Field

I love being able to impact the family unit; helping them make a difference that is impactful in theirs and their child's life. Even bigger than that, being able to share what is being learned about in family training and sessions and teaching others in the family - grandparents, cousins, etc - about how to interact with their child, making an even bigger change in the family.

Why I Love What I Do

The relationships I make along the way in my career are what keeps me going. I strive to learn something from everyone I come in contact and work with and utilize that in my personal or professional development. I fell in love with the science of behavior and I know the power that it can have when used effectively; why not want to share this with the world?!

What You Can Expect From Me

When we work together, it's important to me that we have open dialogue about what's going on and where you want to go. Knowing your goals and visions and working together to find common desire for change with your child. I am an advocate for you and your child.